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COROS Brand Ambassadors

Eliud Kipchoge ( @kipchogeeliud )

Eliud Kipchoge (@kipchogeeliud)


An incredible athlete, but also a fantastic human being. Eliud already had great projection even before trying to break the barrier of 2 hours in the marathon. Born in Kenya, he still trains with several teammates from the Kenya national team and the NN Running Team, of which COROS is the official GPS watch partner.As the greatest Marathon runner in the world, alongside colleagues from the NN Running Team – who have also set world records in various distances in street and track events, Eliud has also helped COROS to become a better company. Your honest and candid feedback receives the utmost attention from the COROS team and has been used to continue the innovation and development of the best GPS watches and training technology available to all athletes, not just Elite athletes. We are immensely honored to work with someone with Eliud's talents (and more importantly) character. We can't wait for you, the COROS user, to also benefit from this relationship.

Kilian Jornet (@kilian_jornet)

No other name in mountain sports carries as much weight as Kilian . From the toughest trail races to the world's highest peaks, Kilian has set countless records around the world.
4-time Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run champion and 3-time UTMB champion. He is considered  a 360º mountain athlete because he likes the versatility of being on the mountain every day. He enjoys running, skiing, mountaineering or trail running, crossings, climbing ridges and chaining peaks..

Emelie Forsberg  (@tinaemelie)

Living in Norway and representing Sweden, Emelie is one of the most accomplished all-around mountain athletes in the world – with a focus on trail running and ski mountaineering. Emelie originally identified most as a climber, before starting to run in the mountains for pure enjoyment. She competed in her first serious trail race in 2009 and has since been amongst the world’s best at distances ranging from the Vertical Kilometer to 100 miles. Emelie’s Ski Mountaineering career began a few years later in 2012 when she jumped into a race using borrowed skis and finished 3rd. She has since finished on the podium in several European and World Championship races. Emelie gave birth to her and her partner Kilian Jornet’s first daughter in March of 2019, and to their second daughter in April of 2021. She now has her eyes set on a return to training and top-level competition in 2022 and beyond.

Donatello Rota (@donatellorota)

He is an Italian Ultra Runner who has competed in several races throughout Europe including most recently the Transgrancanaria Advanced (65k).

Emma Coburn (@emmacoburn)

Emma Coburn is an American middle-distance runner who specializes in the 3000 meter steeplechase. At the 2017 World Championships in London, Coburn won the 3000 metres steeplechase with a time of 9:02.58, breaking her own American record. Emma is an inspiration and a role model to many, as she displays her entrepreneurial spirit with her own ventures including a recently released cookbook. 

She will primarily be using the COROS PACE 2 as she trains for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and beyond. 

Freddy Duclerc ( @freddyduclercexpedicao )

Freddy Duclerc is a Professional Mountaineer, a reference in South American mountaineering, with more than 25 years of mountaineering, passionate about Brazil and his great passion is mountaineering in the Andes, where he has performed more than 2000 crossings, more than 200 summits and with sure 1 round the planet on foot. Chilean by birth and Brazilian at heart, based in Brazil, its mission is to understand and motivate people to achieve goals, a hallmark of its leadership.

It has the main summits in America, including the most technical and highest such as Aconcagua 6962m (Argentina), Ojos del Salado 6893m (Chile), Huascaran 6768m (Peru), Tocllaraju 6034m (Peru), Chimborazo 6267m (Ecuador), among several others! It has also made summits in mountains in all the countries that are in the Andes, from Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela. He was one of the pioneers to carry out adventure races, in Brazil and in the Andes.


Ademir Paulino (@ademir_paulino)

In addition to being an incredible athlete (aquathlon world champion and winner of several race events) Ademir is super charismatic and beloved in our sports environment! Ademir has his sports advisor and is an ambassador for important brands and running events in Brazil, such as Olympikus and Marathon do Rio. He is dedicated to training athletes and also to social projects, such as donating sports equipment to needy children. Ademir also takes Brazilian runners on expeditions to train in Iten, Kenya – home of fellow COROS ambassador Eliud Kipchoge and other NN Running Team athletes!

Adriana and Andrea (@hesselcarroca and @adrianamaratona)

She was twice champion of the marathon at the Pan American Games (2011 and 2015), having beaten the Pan-American record in the race.
Now with 27 years of career, she still participates in marathons but her main objective is to train new athletes. Adriana has a social project called Instituto Enfrente aimed at encouraging the practice of athletics for children.

Andreia Aparecida Hessel is a high-performance marathon athlete. She was the Ibero-American champion in the modality in 2017 and won the SP 2018 International Marathon. Andreia participated in several marathon events on the international circuit and is now the leader of the National Marathon Ranking 2020/2021.

Adriano Bastos ( @adrianobastosdisney )

Adriano Bastos (@adrianobastosdisney)

Adriano Bastos is an elite triathlete and successful marathon runner, having won an incredible eight times the Disney Florida Marathon. Adriano has a running and triathlon team that bears his name and is recognized as one of the main coaches of these modalities in São Paulo.


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